Banglar Shiksha web portal to provide Real-Time Data on schools: West Bengal Education Minister

West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee on Tuesday i.e. February 26 inaugurated a web portal, which is set to provide real-time data on state-run and aided schools.

The portal Banglar Shiksha

“The portal, Banglar Shiksha (, will be up and running in two months” time, he said. The minister also urged his department officials to update it from time to time with relevant information.

“This is probably the first-of-its-kind online initiative in the state as well as in the country. It will be operated on a trial basis for two months to remove glitches, if any. The portal should be fully functional by May 1,” Chatterjee told the PTI.

The new portal to address many issues

“Unlike many initiatives of the previous regime, we have to ensure it (portal) does not become dysfunctional. The portal will address many issues, including attendance of students and teachers. “A class teacher will also have to be present in the school to fill in data pertaining to academic and co-curricular activities of every student,” he maintained.

Important role for headmasters

“The school principals and headmasters will play a vital role in supplying information. They should be the first ones to receive training on how to operate the web platform,” Chatterjee said, adding that the state is also taking measures to introduce e-learning in government-run primary schools.

“The system will enable the headmaster and class teacher to access the academic performance of a student. Parents, too, can access the information by downloading the Banglar Shiksha app,” it added.

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